Leavers Hoodies

One of the key events in like is transitioning from one school to another. This is both exciting and an apprehensive time for our little ones. Why not celebrate with a school leavers hoodie, something they can wear with pride and be a perfect reminder of this key event.

Created by Hand

We create every hoodie by hand and ensure that they are a perfect treasure to keep, additionally we want your child to express themselves by choosing their own colours of their hoodies. A whole class can have different colours if that’s what you want and we will make sure that they all get what they want.

Whats Your Style?

We produce a wide selection of colours that can be personalised front and back with your preferred text.

Front designs will usually be your school or club
with the reverse showing all the names in a variety of styles, together with your preferred nickname, should you wish. We even do sleeve printing!

If you want really special personalised school
leavers hoodies and you have ideas for cool designs, then you can create your own. Just send us your template.